"The more you trust and rely upon the spirit the greater your capacity to create!" - Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. As I increase my capacity to create, I would like to share what I am learning and how I am growing! I am a "spirit daughter of the most creative being in the universe", so I am learning now that I can create!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can create: Homemade Christmas Gifts!

Here is what I was up too all November and December. It was fun to try to come up with fun homemade christmas gifts!!!

I am still working on the details of exactly how to do this project....but I used some of my husbands old ties and tied them backwards....and turned them into baby ties! :) Super cheap but I need to iron out a few kinks!! My sister got my experimental ties.....sorry Tiff!!

These little sock monkeys are for my nieces and soon to be nephew! It was so fun to make them...a little challenging but when they cost $2/monkey it is totally worth it!

This nativity is made out of 2x4's!! I used carbon paper to trace on shapes and then painted them!!

This is a block countdown similar to the holiday blocks I posted about earlier! They are just 4x4 cubes with scrapbook paper modgepodged on and then vinyl numbers!

I made these two aprons for my sister-in-laws. I really love the pattern....but I think the fabric choice makes all the difference!!

I am finally feeling like life is back to normal after our month long vacation....so now it is back to the creating!!! I can't wait to come up with some new projects!! I'll keep you posted on what I am working on!!


  1. I love all of these things that you made. You are so talented and I love looking at your blog. Keep sharing!

  2. Tennille! You are sooooooooo talented! Thanks for sharing! I love all your projects! I want one of your aprons real bad! What would ya charge me for one!? Let me know!

  3. I cannot believe you made your nativity!! It's so incredibly amazing--you should sell those! You have so much talent, and I love seeing these things you create and can't wait to see more!